The firm was founded on January 1, 2014 by Kristy Siple, CPA. The firm's motto is to serve the community with integrity in order to develop long term relationships and provide our clients the tools they need to develop their business. We strive to provide our clients with quality and timely service.

The firm strives to provide services across the nation. We have clients that reside in various states and several of our clients do business in multiple states as well as internationally. We continually seek opportunity to service clients from a distance through our remote capabilities.

We have moved away from the traditional real estate office to provide flexibility to work with clients around the country. By making this move, our employees are more productive giving us the capability to provide our clients with timely service. With this remote environment, we are able to help our clients devote more time to their business as well. We can go to our clients' locations or have a video conference meeting allowing our clients to remain close to their business environment. We realize that not all of our clients prefer the electronic option so we have the ability to meet face to face at our conference room locations. As a paperless office, we provide our clients with electronic information to make it easier to access history and reduce the need for storage area.